The header for this page is “Sustainability”, but I truly believe that is just the beginning.  I’ve been dedicating my life for the last decade and a half to exploring not just sustainability, but Permaculture, Regenerative Design, Disruptive Change, Native Horticulture and Landscaping, and Natural Farming and Building Techniques.

My current focus in Green Tech is completing the SEEDS prototype, which is an augmented reality game that teaches people Permaculture and Botany.  We’ve built a functional prototype, and are working on implementing the AR User Interface before beginning Beta Testing.  We’re building it with a social benefit corp called OurLabs.


I’m also the Operations Lead for the Land Circle at my intentional community, The Emerald Village.  We’ve built a food forest, an ethnobotanical garden, a lavender labrynth, subirrigated raised garden beds, seasonal vegetable gardens, bokashi, vermicomposting, and aerobic compost systems, and a propagation greenhouse.  We also support all the owners and residents of our property in their own gardens.

I was certified in Permaculture by Theron Boudreaux, Bright Sky, Thomas and Ashley Waymouth.  My wife and I founded a sustainable education center in my hometown called Growcology back in 2008, where we also founded the Riverside Community Garden Council, and the BWB funded Master Gardener Grow Lab.